You love your major. But there’s so much more to learn. Minors help you discover a wider world of inspiration.

Minors are a major deal at FIT. By completing five courses in a particular discipline, you can take a minor that enhances your major studies or enables you to explore a field that interests you. Do it because companies prefer employees with a wide range of knowledge. Or because you want to be a more interesting person and a well-informed citizen of the world. Here are the many minors you can choose from.

Build Your Foundation

Expand your knowledge, understand the past, and think critically and flexibly.

Learn Tech Skills and New Ways of Thinking


college student writing

Expression takes many forms. Speak, listen, and share your creativity in new ways through arts and languages.

Build Business and Marketing Skills

business student visiting Kate Spade store

Whatever your major, business thinking can sharpen your perspective.


Next Steps

To declare a minor, visit the Academic Advisement Center, or make an appointment to speak with your academic advisor. 

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To email an academic advisor, click on the corresponding advisor name on the about page.


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