June 2004: FIT Retains The Learning Alliance for Higher Education 
FIT retains The Learning Alliance for Higher Education (TLA) to provide research and leadership support services as the college formulates a new strategic plan called 2020: FIT at 75, Bringing the Future into Focus.

August 2004: President Brown Announces Strategic Planning Initiative
At fall 2004 convocation, President Brown officially announces 2020: FIT at 75 and introduces TLA members to the college community.

August 2004: Preplanning
A comprehensive statistical analysis of FIT data, as well as an assessment of national trends and how they relate to the college are undertaken by TLA and FIT's Institutional Research office. This information provides a common set of clear, up-to-date facts that allows TLA to prepare a report analyzing current institutional strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

October 2004: Strategic Goals and Critical Questions Formulated
The Strategic Planning Steering Committee is formed. TLA conducts interviews with committee members and drafts a list of strategic goals and critical questions to spur the planning process.

October 2004: Roundtable Participants Identified
The Strategic Planning Steering Committee develops a tentative set of aspirational goals that will act as touchstones and catalysts for community discussions. 80 members of the FIT community are invited to participate in two Roundtable discussions, to be held in December 2004 and May 2005. The Roundtable includes members of the faculty and student body, administration, staff, Board of Trustees, and the Educational Foundation for the Fashion Industries.

November 2004: Roundtable Interviews Conducted by TLA
Each Roundtable participant is interviewed by TLA in preparation for the first meeting. The interviews focus on each individuals aspirations for FIT. Each participant receives a comprehensive report of interview results prior to the Roundtable meeting.

December 2004: Roundtable Discussions Held
Two daylong Roundtable discussions are held on December 6 and 7, and December 15 and 16. Each discussion group consists of 40 individuals and is facilitated by TLA chairperson Bob Zemsky. Dr. Brown also participates. The aspirational goals and other themes and ideas that emerge from TLA interviews and meetings are explored, developed, and refined, forming a common galvanizing vision.

January 2005: TLA Releases Fall Roundtable Central Themes Document
TLA presents the Fall Roundtable Central Themes document to the Strategic Planning Steering Committee identifying four to five galvanizing initiatives designed to facilitate growth for the next ten to fifteen years.

February 2005: Planning Committees Formed
A number of planning committees are charged and they meet to develop the initiatives, related tasks, and metrics that can realize the goals set forth. Together, these initiatives will become the action plan, the substantive base of the overall strategic plan.

March 2005 through April 2005: Steering Committee Reviews Reports
The Strategic Planning Steering Committee reviews planning committee reports. TLA conducts two student focus groups on March 8 and 9 to get ideas and elicit feedback to the plan's developing goals.

May 2005: Roundtable Discussions and Staff Focus Groups
The resulting initiatives are presented for review and refinement at a concluding set of Roundtable meetings held on May 16 and 17, and May 18 and 19. Two staff focus groups are formed to ensure that the perspective of those who work on the front lines to implement college policy is included in the final plan.

June 2005 and July 2005: TLA Presents Synthesizing Document
TLA prepares a final, synthesizing document that describes a vision for FIT's future, along with the goals, initiatives, and tasks identified throughout the year.

August 2005: President Brown Discusses Strategic Plan
President Brown discusses 2020: FIT at 75, Bringing the Future into Focus with the FIT community.

August 2005: Steering Committee Reviews Draft Plan
The Strategic Planning Steering Committee reviews the draft plan.

Fall 2005: BOT and EFFI Strategic Planning Committees Review Draft Plan
The joint Board of Trustees and EFFI subcommittee for Strategic Planning review the draft plan.

Fall 2005: Final Strategic Plan is Distributed
Following approval by the Board of Trustees, 2020: FIT at 75, Bringing the Future into Focus, is distributed to the FIT community.

Fall 2005: Celebratory Reception
President Brown hosts a reception acknowledging the community's hard work and commitment.

Spring 2006–Fall 2006: Implementation Begins
See the Strategic Planning Templates for details and updates on various initiatives.