HS Precollege Technology Course Descriptions

These are courses that introduce students to the most popular software and applications used at the college, required in a variety of majors. These experiences will help students prepare for their college freshman experience.

HPC 001 Digital Short Film Basics
This practical, hands-on course will show you the basics of writing, budgeting, scheduling, prepping, shooting, editing, and distributing a short film. This course is perfect for students who are curious about film, or who plan to use digital technology for creative presentations in college or for fun.

Precollege comments: Students will work in teams to create 1-minute films from conceptualization to distribution. Each team member will assume the critical roles required on a production team such as the director, producer, editors, etc. Students will also explore the business of the filmmaker and how to reach the desired audience.

HPC 002 The Power of PowerPoint
With PowerPoint, the only limit is your imagination! You will learn to use PowerPoint in ways you've never dreamed of to create slideshows for class and your own web pages. Learn how to make digital portfolios, animate your photo library, create moving image montages, turn slideshows into movies, and create a digital runway shows. In this course you will learn how to add text, images, and video to your PowerPoint slides and how to use the animation tools to make your presentations come alive.

HPC 003 Introduction to Dreamweaver for Web Design
This course introduces students to the processes involved in making static web sites. Learn how to plan a website, storyboard the design, create the navigation and flow, and eventually create the site. Students will come up with material for all required elements including images, text, and multimedia components. Students may use their portfolio or a fictitious company as the subject of their final project. Great for students who want to begin promoting their talents or events!