Portfolio Building Courses: Communication Design, AAS

Precollege Programs highly recommends the courses listed below to create work for FIT's Communication Design AAS admissions portfolio. Courses with an asterisk* are sponsored by the Communication Design department. Other courses listed provide additional skills expected in portfolio submissions.

To purchase these courses, visit the Program Details page. Not every course is available each semester.

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*HAD 101 So, You Want to Be in Advertising
*HAD 102 So, You Want to Be in Advertising
*HAD 109 Drawing in Adobe Illustrator
*HAD 110 New York Art Scene
*HAD 149 Advertising and Graphic Design Portfolio 
*HAD 150 Magazine Design
*HAD 153 TV and Viral Video Ads
*HAD 154 Tell Me a Story
*HSX 035 Model building Workshop    (4 sessions)
HAC 069 Write to Captivate: the Public Relations Edge
HDE 112 Graphic Design for Parties, Events, and Fashion Promotions 
HDE 114 Styling of Fashion, Food and Home Products for the Visual Industry 
HDE 115 In-Store Marketing and Retail Event Planning
HDE 116 In-Store Merchandising Techniques
HDE 117 Retail Brand Identity for Visual Presentation
HDE 119 Places and Spaces: Putting Your Ideas on Paper
HFA 023  Basic Drawing
HFA 143 Architectural Rendering
HFA 148 Fine Arts Portfolio
HGD 174 2-D Animation with Photoshop and After-Effects
HGD 175 Animation with Adobe After-Effects
HIL 011 Sketch a Model: Fashion Illustration for Beginners
HIL 012 Drawing for Illustration
HIL 015 Learn the Art of Comic Book Drawing
HPH 167 The Intermediate, Traditional Photographic Darkroom 
HPH 168 Introduction to Traditional and Digital Photography
HPH 169 Fundamentals of Digital Photography and Photoshop
HPK 122 Packaging Design for Candy
HSX 021 Observational Drawings for Portfolios   (4 sessions)
HSX 022 55A Portraits for Portfolios   (4 sessions)
HSX 025 Watercolor Workshop    (4 sessions)
HSX 080 55A Character Creation    (4 sessions)
HSX 035 Model Building Workshop (4 sessions)