Ways to Support FIT

Making a gift to FIT is an investment in the future of our students, our college, and the industries we serve. There are several ways to make a gift to FIT:

Fashion Institute of Technology Foundation Federal Tax ID:  13-5675757.

Online: Make a gift via credit card using our secure online giving form.

By Phone: Credit card gifts can also be made by telephone at (212) 217-4100.

Check/Money Order: Please make your check or money order payable to the Fashion Institute of Technology Foundation and mail to:

Fashion Institute of Technology Foundation
227 West 27 Street, Suite C907
New York, NY 10001

IRA Charitable Rollover:
In December 2015, Congress enacted a permanent extension of the IRA charitable rollover. As a result, individuals age 70½ or older can make gifts directly from their IRA to charity in 2015, 2016 and beyond. Please consult your tax and legal advisors to ensure you follow all applicable rules and choose the most favorable option for you IRA Charitable Rollover.

Matching Gifts:
Double or triple the impact of your gift by having your company match your gift to FIT.  If your company is eligible, request a matching gift form from your employer, and send it, completed and signed, with your gift, and we will do the rest. Contact the FIT Foundation to find out if your company is eligible. 

Gifts of Stock:
Making a gift of securities is simple and offers several advantages. Ownership can be transferred electronically from your broker to ours. Please advise us of the transfer by a letter of intent or memo that includes the donor's name, brokerage firm, stock name, number of shares, transfer date, and purpose of gift so that the donor can be assured of receiving credit for the gift.

Whether you wish to memorialize a loved one, provide financial support for qualified students, or underwrite work of an academic department, a bequest can achieve your goals and associate you with the college for years to come. Testamentary gifts to FIT can take many forms. Learn more about bequests.

Gifts-in-Kind and Property Donations:
Gifts-in-kind are generally defined as non-cash donations, other than real or personal property, of materials or long-lived assets, that usually (although not always) come from companies, corporations or vendors. The Fashion Institute of Technology Foundation accepts some gifts-in-kind, such as notable books, clothing, accessories, and other assets.

Unfortunately, the value of a person's or organization's time is NOT considered a charitable contribution and will not be counted or recorded in the Foundation Office fundraising totals.

Additionally, the Foundation cannot accept gifts of personal property unless there is reason to believe the property can be used by FIT in concert with its mission or sold within a reasonable time frame.

To donate an object to the Foundation, please email [email protected] and include a detailed description and images of your proposed donation.

Scholarships and Endowments:
Endowed gifts are permanently restricted gifts that will never expire. Unlike traditional gifts, which are used to fund programs or projects immediately, endowed gifts are invested and earn annual interest. Each year the College disburses a portion of the interest income according to the donor's intentions and reinvests the remaining earnings along with the principal, ensuring that the endowed fund continues to grow.

Endowed scholarship funds may be established with gifts of cash or negotiable securities. Gifts of personal property, real property and closely-held stock may be accepted only if the Gift Acceptance Committee approves the gift prior to receipt. Learn more about scholarships or endowments, please contact one of our fundraising professionals.

Charitable Gift Annuities and Charitable Lead Trusts:
For more information on these and other types of gifts accepted by the FIT Foundation, please contact the Foundation at (212) 217-4100.