Withdrawing from the College

This information pertains to completely withdrawing from the college. For information about withdrawing or dropping one or more courses, see Course Withdrawal.

The official withdrawal procedure applies to all full-time and part-time degree students leaving the college and withdrawing from ALL classes.

Complying with this procedure will ensure that your records are maintained in good order and will facilitate readmission to FIT, or expedite sending transcripts to other schools.

You may withdraw from a course up until the last day of the 13th week of a fall or spring term, until the 9th day of a winter term, and until the 13th day of a summer term.  You will receive final grades of WD if the withdrawal is completed in this time frame, which will not affect your grade point average (GPA).   If you stop attending classes without completing the official withdrawal process you will receive WF grades, which are equivalent to F grades. 

Officially Withdraw from FIT

To officially withdraw, you must submit the college withdrawal form to the Registrar's Office.  If you are unable to come in person, you may email the form to [email protected] from your FIT email address.

» College Withdrawal Form (pdf)   

If you withdraw from FIT after the add/drop period (see Academic Calendar for specific dates), you must submit the college withdrawal form AND a course withdrawal form for each course in which you are registered. Each form must have the required signatures and last date of attendance.  Your college withdrawal form cannot be processed until all course withdrawal forms are received.

» Course Withdrawal Form (pdf) 

Important Information

  • Withdrawing may result in partial or full tuition and fees liability and/or a reduction or cancellation of your financial aid such as PELL, TAP, Excelsior, loans, etc. It is recommended you consult with a Financial Aid counselor prior to withdrawing to learn how withdrawing may affect your awards.  
  • College Withdrawals and Course Withdrawals will not be accepted after the deadline.  Click here to review the Academic Calendar for withdrawal deadline dates for each term.
  • Withdrawing does not relieve you of financial obligations to the College.  You must satisfy any college related finances before leaving the college. If you have any outstanding balances, a Bursar hold will be placed on your account. Holds will prevent you from registering, sending/receiving transcripts, and other services from the college.  Outstanding debts may be referred to a licensed collection agency and all collections fees may be added to the outstanding balance.  If legal action becomes necessary, litigation and all court costs will be your responsibility to pay.
  • Not attending class or stopping payment on a check is not considered an official withdrawal from the college and you will be responsible for all tuition liabilities.
  • International Students here on a Student Visa must visit the Office of International Student Services, Business & Liberal Arts Center, Room B103 before leaving the college.
  • If applicable, contact Residential Life in Alumni Hall 1st Floor for Withdrawal and Refund Information.
  • Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) students must visit the EOP Office to fill out an exit survey before leaving the college.
  • Late registration and program change fees may be assessed if you want to re-enroll. You are not guaranteed class availability if you need to re-register for courses.
  • Click here to review the official college policy on Tuition and Fee Refund.
  • To re-enroll at FIT at a future date, re-apply with the Office of Admissions.

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