Degree Requirements

""For admittance to degree candidacy, you must:

  • satisfy all prerequisites
  • complete a minimum of 60 approved course credits
  • achieve a final grade point average (GPA) of 3.0
  • and have your thesis approved by the defense committee

You must advance to degree candidacy before being permitted to attend graduation ceremonies.


  • Visual: You must complete an object-based collection, a minimum of 12 looks or equivalent, to be completed in the THESIS–CONCLUDE space. All proposed alternative outcomes are to be negotiated with and approved by the chair in the third semester THESIS–EDIT space.
  • Written: You must complete a written component at the end of each thesis course, reflecting on the work done at every step: IDEA, PLAY, FOCUS, EDIT, and CONCLUDE. This final paper should be considered a reflective piece of writing to support your defense of your thesis to an industry panel and a selected audience.

Time Requirement for Degree Completion

You may only matriculate full time; the program takes place over four consecutive semesters, beginning in the fall and ending in the second spring. The final semester coursework is dedicated to theses.

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