Student Leadership at FIT

Meet People, Build Skills

Leadership programs at FIT are designed to offer an array of opportunities for students to develop a definition of leadership, informed by their personal experience and a deep understanding of how their strengths and talents can serve society.

group of students wearing shirts with "leader" written on them during a group activity

This program trains student employees in peer mentorship roles such as resident assistants, orientation leaders, and health and wellness peer educators. 


This program gives all students the opportunity to attend workshops, training, retreats, community service events, and more. Develop skills and reach leadership milestones!

Leadership at FIT is a process in which individual strengths combine across disciplines and backgrounds to create a more equitable and sustainable global community. Leadership programs and offerings provide an overarching leadership framework that emphasizes self-awareness and personal strengths, shared leadership, group dynamics, and a commitment for positive social change. Embedded in all of our efforts is a commitment to social consciousness and civic engagement. Leaders at every stage are inclusive, innovative, civically minded, and interdisciplinary.

From orientation to commencement, students at FIT have the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of how they can impact both their industry or field of study and the world around them.