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Precollege Programs at FIT prepares high school students for the FIT admissions process, including creative arts portfolio development, and features the unique experience of being part of FIT's dynamic and diverse college campus and the cultural vibrancy of New York City that informs and enriches the college, its history and its campus community.

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Here are some of the reasons why students choose Precollege Programs at FIT:

  • FIT's Precollege Programs will prepare you to apply to art and/or design colleges while you explore potential majors, sample FIT's courses, professors, and a NYC campus before making that tuition commitment!
  • You'll make friends with like-minded students from all over the Tri-State area (and in the summer, all over the world)! Meet interesting people and develop relationships with new friends you'll keep throughout college and beyond.
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  • You can study international trade, footwear design, cosmetics and fragrance marketing, studio jewelry, interactive and digital marketing, public relations, interior design, fashion, styling, photography, animation and more. FIT has lots of unique classes that will teach you skills and techniques you'll use throughout your career.


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