Eligibility Requirements

Getting in.  Admission to FIT is selective. All applicants—full-time, part-time or in the evening/weekend degree program—must meet the same admission standards. Candidates are evaluated based on class rank, grades in college, preparatory coursework, and a student essay. We generally consider applicants with a strong B average. Students applying to Art and Design majors or the Film and Media program must submit a portfolio for review. Letters of recommendation are not required.

With a high school diploma or a passing score on the General Educational Development (GED) test or Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC), you can apply to any of FIT’s associate degree programs. After the completion of your associate’s degree in two years, you can go on to earn a bachelor’s degree at FIT. This unique process allows you to build a foundation of general skills in your first two years and then specialize or go deeper in your chosen field in your second two years. Students with a sufficient number of credits or a degree from another college may be eligible for a bachelor's degree program, or an accelerated one-year associate’s degree program. 

If you are a high school student

High school students should apply to an associate's degree program (AAS). You may not apply directly to a bachelor's degree program (BS or BFA).

If you have an AAS from FIT

You may apply to an appropriate bachelor's degree program.

If you have credits or a degree from another college

For some majors, you may be considered for an accelerated one-year AAS degree program if you meet the following criteria by the time you enroll at FIT:

  • You have a bachelor’s degree or 30 transferable credits that satisfy FIT’s AAS liberal arts requirements and, for Art and Design applicants, a strong portfolio evaluation.

You may apply to a bachelor's degree program as a transfer student if you meet one of the following criteria by the time you enroll at FIT:

  • You will have an associate’s or bachelor's degree in a program that is equivalent to FIT's associate's degree program in that area. Applicants to the BFA programs must have completed coursework in Life Drawing, Digital Drawing, and Art or Design History.
  • You will have earned at least 60 credits toward a bachelor's degree in an equivalent program.

A college program is equivalent if it contains the same major area and liberal arts distribution as the FIT AAS program. Applicants from college programs that are not equivalent must apply to the AAS program. Please review the eligibility requirements for your specific major.

Please note that FIT AAS students receive priority consideration for our bachelor's degree programs.