Security Advisory Committee


Dr. Brooke Carlson, Assistant Professor, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing
Deliwe Kekana, Director for Affirmative Action and Title IX Coordinator
Emre Ozsoz, Associate Professor, Social Sciences
Eric Ramirez, Chair, Textile and Surface Design
Mario Cabrera, Director, Public Safety


The President' Advisory Committee on Campus Security is established in compliance with the requirements of New York Education Law §6431.


The committee shall be comprised of at least six members, at least one-half of whom shall be female. One-third of the committee shall be appointed from a list of students provided by the FIT Student Association that contains at least twice the number to be appointed; one-third shall be appointed from a list of faculty provided by the Faculty Senate that contains at least twice the number to be appointed; one-third shall be selected by the President. The President shall also designate one member of the committee to be Chair.


  1. The committee shall review and recommend improvements to campus security policies and procedures for: (a) educating the campus community, including security personnel and those people who advise or supervise students about sexual assault, domestic violence and stalking offenses, and bias related and hate crimes prevention; (b) educating the campus community about personal safety and crime prevention; (c) reporting sexual assaults, domestic violence stalking incidents and hate crimes and assisting victims during investigations; (d) referring complaints to appropriate authorities; (e) counseling victims; and (f) responding to inquiries from concerned people
  2. The committee shall report, in writing, to the college president on its findings and recommendations at least once each academic year; and such report shall be available on request.