Cultural Fellows


Established in 2016 as one of FIT’s key strategic international initiatives, FIT’s Cultural Fellows program offers international students and students with extensive international experience the opportunity to work on campus in educational contexts, such as international student orientation and co-curricular events, which draw on that rich international experience. Cultural Fellows are enlisted for buddy and mentor/mentee outreach to new international students, help in facilitating events hosted by International Student Services and the Office of International Programs, assist in international-related social media and video development, partner with faculty to share their international perspectives in the classroom, and engage in a variety of other related activities.

About Cultural Fellows

Cultural Fellows help foster a more inclusive experience for the entire FIT community by contributing their international perspectives to expand and enrich FIT’s educational environment, making intercultural experiences more accessible for all.

The Cultural Fellows program promotes international and intercultural experiences through activities that bring together FIT students, staff, and faculty to:

  • Broaden our community’s global perspectives and awareness
  • Foster an ethos of inclusiveness
  • Empower international students and students with extensive international experience by raising their visibility on campus

The Cultural Fellows program seeks to:

  • Foster a richer FIT experience for the entire community through meaningful engagement among international students, study abroad students, the general student population, and faculty and staff
  • Contribute international perspectives and expertise to the FIT community
  • Expand and enrich the FIT educational environment to become more global and make inclusive intercultural experiences more accessible
  • Provide leadership opportunities Cultural Fellows can use in their professional and local communities

Cultural Fellows will be able to:

  • Contribute international perspectives and expertise to the FIT community
  • Mentor international students as they adjust to FIT and New York City and/or assist study abroad students as they prepare for or process a study abroad experience
  • Develop intercultural elements for programs and events
  • Engage students, faculty, and staff through conversations, presentations, and programs designed to promote intercultural competence
  • Facilitate dialogue in FIT classrooms regarding global and intercultural experiences

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