Does the Graduate School have an open house or information sessions?

Graduate programs host at least one information session per cycle, usually in the fall. For more information, visit our Admissions Events page.

Do you offer financial aid or scholarships?

Graduate students at FIT are eligible for federal financial aid programs administered by the Office of Financial Aid. International students are not eligible for federal financial aid, but may be eligible for scholarships through their programs, if available.

Scholarship and fellowships opportunities are also administered by the Graduate School and academic programs, and are only available to admitted and current students at the present time. Students will be notified as opportunities develop.

International students may also be eligible for private educational loans.

For more information about financial aid and private educational loans visit our Financial Aid page or call (212) 217-7439.

When should I take the GRE, TOEFL, or IELTS?

To ensure that your test scores arrive on time, we strongly recommend that you take the test no later than 6-8 weeks before the application deadline date. We require that your official test scores be sent to us directly from the testing agency.

What are your institutional codes for standardized tests?

GRE scores can be submitted in paper or electronically from Educational Testing Service to institution code 2257.

TOEFL scores can be submitted in paper or electronically from Educational Testing Service to institution code 2257, department 99.

IELTS scores can be submitted in paper or electronically from the testing agency to the Fashion Institute of Technology - School of Graduate Studies.

May I mail my test scores to the School of Graduate Studies?

Official test scores must be sent to us directly from GRE, TOEFL or IELTS. It is recommended that when completing the examinations, you indicate that scores be mailed and submitted electronically to the institution (when applicable). This provides the School of Graduate Studies with an additional way to access scores. 

What is your mailing address? Is there an email where you can be reached?

Fashion Institute of Technology 
School of Graduate Studies
Office of Graduate Admissions, Room E316
227 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001
[email protected]  

I already took a standardized exam, but did not send my scores to FIT. What can I do?

If you did not request that your test scores be sent to FIT when you took the test, you can request that scores be sent through the testing agency. Please review the guidelines for requesting additional score reports from the respective agency's website.

For GRE, visit www.gre.org

For TOEFL exams, visit www.toefl.org

For IELTS exams, visit www.IELTS.org.

How long are my test scores valid?

GRE results are valid for five years prior to the semester of your application.

TOEFL and IELTS results are valid for two years prior to the semester of your application.

What are your minimum test score requirements?

Because our review process is holistic, the decision to admit a candidate is influenced by a number of factors, not just test scores.

Although the GRE/GMAT is optional, scores at or above the 50th percentile in all areas are considered substantive to the application.

The minimum scores for English language examinations are:

  • TOEFL: A minimum TOEFL IBT (internet-based test) score of 85
  • IELTS: A minimum band score of 6.5

Do you offer any graduate programs online?

The School of Graduate Studies does not offer online programs.

Is student housing available?

While there are dormitory arrangements on campus, priority is given to full-time matriculated undergraduate students. It is strongly recommended that graduate students seek off-campus housing. For information see the Residential Life page or call at (212) 217-5885.

Are there any teaching assistant (TA) positions?

TA positions are not available at the present time.

How many students are accepted each year?

On average, our graduate programs admit between 15 to 20 students annually. This may vary from year-to-year.

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