Program Outline

*The program outline is subject to change based on pedagogical needs.

Module I: Introduction to Sonic Branding (WHAT)

  • Sonic Branding defined
  • Why Now? Emerging Technologies and multi-sensory design
  • Sonic Branding research techniques and methodologies
  • Competitor analysis and competitive landscape
  • Brand position, mantra, and Audio DNA

Module II: Sonic Branding (HOW)

  • The principle of the design system for sonic branding
  • Concept and techniques of a flexible sound identity system 
  • Multi-sensory brand experience design
  • Data-driven design and generative design for sonic branding
  • Sonic Branding Guidelines
  • Content design: voice, tone, and conversation guidelines through the user journey
  • Sonic Identity System: Touchpoints, technology, and measurement
  • Sonic brand signature
  • Legal and industry terminology: Licensing, Musical Styles, and criteria for creating
  • Case Studies

Module III: Sonic Brand Development (DO)

  • Consumer Profile
  • The competitive landscape: opportunity Mapping
  • Personas
  • Touchpoints, and sound assessment
  • Insight development
  • Sonic Brand Attributes
  • Sonic Moodboard
  • Sonic Brand Positioning
  • Brand to Sound
  • Sonic branding development
  • Final Presentation