In support of our students and faculty, Academic Affairs Operations is committed to the strategic vision, mission and goals of the Fashion Institute of Technology. We provide efficient and creative service; are fiscally responsible, and strive to maintain excellent campus environments and equipment for teaching, research and discovery.

In the area of Student Contests and Industry-Sponsored Projects, we provide tools for showcasing and the promotion of student work, projects, and achievements by serving as a bridge between the fashion industry and FIT.

In partnership with Finance & Administration and Information Technology, Academic Affairs Operations provides liaison support to serve FIT's academic departments/units in the areas of space, budget, and technology—working together to ensure that FIT students, faculty, and staff are learning, teaching, and operating in a safe, professional, and innovative campus environment.


In partnership with Finance & Administration, AAO is focused on providing academic departments and units with exceptional budget management and allocation. AAO manages a $77 million dollar annual budget. This includes processing requests and overseeing budget operations for:

  • 5 schools
  • 29 undergraduate programs
  • 8 graduate programs
  • 16 units
  • 929 faculty members
  • FIT in Florence
  • FIT in Milan


College Business Authorization and Travel Request Forms (.pdf)
Employees who represent the College at a function authorized by the senior administrator and/or at the request of the President or the Presidents designee will be considered to be out on college business. If an employee anticipates related costs for travel (lodging, transportation, etc.), the Travel Request Form should also be completed.

Travel Advance Form 
Log in to MyFIT and click on Bi-Tech or Forms in the Quick Links at the bottom of the homepage.

Travel and Business Expense Report Form 
Log in to MyFIT and click on Bi-Tech or Forms in the Quick Links at the bottom of the homepage.


In partnership with Facilities, Environmental Health Services, and Space Management & Planning, Academic Affairs Operations provides liason support to serve FIT's academic departments/units in the areas of successful work order completion, project planning & coordination, service calls, maintenance emergencies, and space assessments. Our goal is to maintain and advance our academic spaces & equipment while influencing a culture of excellent stewardship.  

What is a work order?

A work order is a request related to space maintenance that can usually be completed within a time frame of 1-7 days. To request general maintenance to a building or a space, please submit a work order in the UG2 system. Work orders can include the following: 

  • General building repairs and maintenance
  • Mounting and assembling items
  • Ceiling tile, wall, and shade repairs
  • Outlet and lighting repairs
  • Janitorial services
  • Furniture/equipment removal & transfer
  • Painting (please allow 3 months for completion)

How to Follow up on a Work Order

You may follow up on a work order by contacting the UG2 department at extension 4420 and speaking with a representative. Please have your work order number ready for reference. 

Work Order Escalation 

You may escalate a work order to the Office of Academic Affairs in the event that you are having trouble getting a timely resolution. Please fill out the Work Order Escalation form in its entirety and allow 1 business day for review and response.

What is a project?

A project is a multi-layered undertaking related to space improvement. Projects have a beginning and end date and require coordination, funding, and approval. Projects can include but are not limited to the following: 

  • General building improvements that require in-house or contracted work 
  • Remodeling or aesthetic enhancements that require contracted work (i.e. flooring replacement)
  • Construction or infrastructural changes

Request Approval for a Project

To request approval for a project within a classroom, lab or office, please complete and submit the Project Request form. 


Is a project underway in your space that students, faculty, and staff need to be cautious and/or excuse the appearance of? Be sure to display one of the signs below kindly advising them that work is in progress. 

Work in Progress Sign (Landscape) (.pdf)

Work in Progress Sign (Portrait) (.pdf)

When to Place a Service Call 

The purpose of a service call is to request immediate assistance for any of the following space-related issues or maintenance emergencies. Service calls can be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to (212) 217-4440.

  • Heating or cooling issues
  • A leak or flood
  • Loss of power
  • Immediate need for janitorial services 
  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Liquid spill
  • Odors
  • Pest issue
  • Falling ceiling tiles
  • Hazardous conditions of any sort 

To report non-space related security or safety concerns, please contact the Office of Public Safety immediately at (212) 217-7777. 

The purpose of performing a space assessment is to determine its overall condition as it relates to specific function and general aesthetic. This includes taking inventory and noting the condition of all furniture, equipment, electrical sockets, flooring, lighting, shades, and walls. 

Academic spaces include classrooms, labs, department, faculty & unit offices, and resource spaces available for student and faculty use.

Please use the form below to complete an assessment of your space and provide a copy to Academic Affairs Operations should you have any concerns regarding the condition.  

It is good practice to perform assessments at the end of each semester in preparation for the next. 


Classroom Assessment Checklist