Copy Stand Tutorial

Using the Copy Stand to Photograph Oversized Artwork

Copy stand provides a great way to photograph 2d (flat) oversized art work, in addition it can be used as a tool for stop animation.

copy stand with an object posed for a photograph

  • Attach your camera to the mount for a stable picture:
    • The front of the mount will have a screw sticking out to align with the bottom of your camera (img 1).
    • Using the mount screw, affix your camera to the mount by turning the screw on the back end of the mount (img 2).
  • Using the hand crank, adjust the height of the camera mount in relation to your photo subject (img 3).
  • Locate the lighting switches on the Copy Stand and flip them into the ON position (img 4 and 5).
  • Locate the light dimmer control knobs to adjust the lighting for your subject (img 6).

Make sure to light your subject evenly to avoid washed out or dark areas. Remember that the brightest lighting is not always the best lighting

Caution: The lights can get VERY hot! Remember to turn the lights off when you leave.

Image of the of the Copy Stand mount for camera
1 - Affix your camera to the mount
Image of the back of the Copy Stand where the screw for the camera mount is located
2 - Use the screw to tighten
Image shown of Copy Stand hand crank for raising and lowering the height of the camera.
3 - Adjust the camera's position by moving the camera mount up and down
Image of Copy Stand light switch for lamp
4 - Main power switch has to be turned on  before the individual lights can be turned on/off
copy stand lights power switch
5 - The two power switches for the individual lights (left and right)
Image of Copy Stand light dimmer control knob
6 - The control for dimming / brightening the lights