Violent Crime

Never try to handle a situation that is potentially dangerous to yourself or others.

Inform Campus Security at (212) 217-7777 about any individuals deemed to be threatening or dangerous.

Eliminate opportunities for violence by:

  1. alerting Campus Security at (212) 217-7777
  2. knowing your escape route
  3. placing a barrier between yourself and the aggressor
  4. using effective communication skills
  5. having a second person with you

Reacting to violent situations:

  1. Maintain eye contact and a positive posture to send out positive signals.
  2. Do not touch or approach a person who may become violent.
  3. Keep the person talking as you maintain a controlled, calm demeanor.
  4. Show concern yet maintain a safe distance; avoid being alone with the person.

If you are the victim of, or are involved in, any on-campus violation of the law such as assault, robbery, theft, overt sexual behavior, etc., do not take any unnecessary risk. Notify Campus Security at (212) 217-7777 as soon as possible and give them the following information:

1. the nature of the incident
2. the location of the incident
3. a description of the person(s) involved
4. a description of the property involved

If you witness a criminal act or notice person(s) acting suspiciously on campus, immediately notify Campus Security at (212) 217-7777.

Assist the police when they arrive by supplying them with any additional information requested.