Applied innovation and advanced research at the intersection of design, business, science, and technology.

Innovation is the lifeblood of FIT. We’re dedicated to pushing boundaries and creating opportunities for our faculty, students, and alumni to envision the future — and make it happen.

Most of our projects involve rethinking textile and apparel development and redefining consumer experiences. These efforts are leading to the generation of groundbreaking materials and unexpected ideas, and very likely to first-of-kind patents and products.

See for yourself: On campus, check out our interactive kiosk in the Feldman Center lobby for an array of innovative research projects, programs, and activities.


FIT MIT exchange for technology and science

Science and Tech for the Real World

FIT has special expertise in transforming scientific and technological research into desirable products. To get groundbreaking discoveries out of the lab and into people’s lives, universities like Stony Brook, Drexel, the University of Pennsylvania, and Carnegie Mellon call on FIT’s deep industry knowledge, entrepreneurial mindset, and expertise in design and product development to turn innovative ideas into functional, marketable products that consumers want and need.


Moving Ideas Forward

At FIT, you’ll be challenged to think differently—and put your ideas into action. How will industries and products look tomorrow?

These fabrics can ‘understand’ something about the environment and about their interactions with a person and respond accordingly.


Fashion Design ’12
Vanessa Sanchez

Learn more about lifesaving smart textiles.

A Lifesaving Patent

Moms naturally get sleepy while breastfeeding, which can pose a risk to babies. Montefiore hospital in the Bronx asked FIT for help, and two faculty members created a fabric sling that keeps a baby from slipping off a caregiver’s lap. They received a patent—FIT’s first—for the product.

More Faculty Work

Lauren Zodel | Assistant Professor, Fashion Design

Lauren Zodel | Assistant Professor, Fashion Design

A Community of Experimental Thinkers

VR Innovation faculty at FIT


The FIT faculty are often drivers of innovation through their research and practice—in the classroom, in industry, and beyond.


FIT fosters a spirit of exploration and experimentation, along with social responsibility. Students have opportunities to conduct research and help find solutions to global problems, like sustainability. Some student projects become startup companies after graduation.

  • Clinton Global Initiative University
  • Natural Dye Garden
  • AlgiKnit
  • Werewool
  • Tech Design


FIT alumni are original thinkers whose ideas and products are changing their industries.