Notable Alumni

Lauren Petrovic ITM '23

""Lauren Petrovic completed her degree in International Trade and Marketing in 2023 while working for a private jeweler and diamond dealer in New York City. She was a quick study of jewelry manufacturing and marketing of precious stones. She then accepted a position at Sotheby's auction house, coordinating presale activities in the Science and Pop-Culture and 20th Century Design departments.

In 2023, Petrovic founded Laurenti New York, a fine jewelry and fashion brand. Determined to revolutionize the jewelry industry through designing and delivering transparency for sustainable luxury products, she drew from her prior experiences in the jewelry supply chain and the high-end auction space. She simultaneously joined Nivoda, an international technology company focused on improving businesses’ access to the diamond marketplace, finding she saw potential synergy between her Laurenti and Nivoda.

In October 2023, Petrovic was selected as a United Nations Association Global Goals Ambassador for Sustainable Development Goals 12, Sustainable Consumption and Production.

Andrew Bukowinski ITM '23

Andrew Bukowinski began his career in finance with a bachelor's degree in International Trade and Marketing. After earning AAS degrees in Menswear and Fashion Design, Bukowinski wanted to learn the business side of production, which led him to the ITM program. A course in International Finance inspired him to dive further into economic studies. During his final semester while studying in Paris, he underwent a transformative experience in deepening his understanding of product development and also igniting a profound interest in comprehending the intricate workings of business economics. As Andrew’s educational journey continued, he engaged in coursework on economics and delved into the history of economic thought. This allowed him to gain insights into reading economic markets, strategizing for business development and financial expansion, adeptly interpreting mathematical data, and making decisions based on research. This enabled him to understand how to track growth, project future outcomes, and deliver insightful presentations to investors and partners. During a five-month stay in Paris, conversing with friends entrenched in the finance industry and immersing myself in economics courses, Andrew had an epiphany to pursue a career in finance.

Since graduation, Bukowinski has acquired entry certifications that allow him to work in the industry in the competitive space of financial industry recruiting. He is deeply grateful for the unwavering support and mentorship of the distinguished professors and accomplished FIT alums. He recently had the chance to connect with a fellow ITM graduate for insight into her experience and career journey working for a large financial service company. He realized now how far the FIT network reaches, and meeting with others has helped his knowledge and opportunities in the industry significantly. In the five years of relentless dedication, resulting in three degrees, have taught me that the university experience is not just about acquiring knowledge but also about mastering the art of learning new skills. Being a perfectionist has been Andrew’s guiding principle, and his background in fashion as a product has provided a solid foundation for comprehending the intricacies of business. Andrew has learned that courage and a willingness to step out of one's comfort zone are vital to achieving one's goals. He is now seeking associate positions within the finance industry, ready to leverage the unique skills and perspectives he has developed in his journey.

Joanne Shi ITM '21

""Shortly after an early graduation from FIT in 2021, Joanne Shi was offered the opportunity to join Macquarie, an Australian global financial services group. Having taken various courses that sparked her interest in the financial world, she was elated to take on this new challenge. Shi says transitioning from a fashion business background into a career in finance, particularly in the specialized field of equity and derivatives trading, has been a transformative journey.  As she ventured into this new path, Shi faced the initial challenges of mastering additional financial jargon and complex instruments associated with equity trading. She bridged the gap by investing time in self-learning, seeking out mentors within the finance industry, and pursuing relevant certifications to build her knowledge base.

Shi’s advice to future students considering a similar transition is to establish a financial skills foundation through relevant courses at ITM, embrace challenges, leverage existing skills, and believe in one’s own capacity to adapt. With determination and a willingness to learn, she says one can carve a fulfilling career in any industry, even from the most unexpected starting points.