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Our Office

The Office of Residential Life is composed of three functional areas, Housing & Operations, Residential Education, and Community Standards. Each area is led by an Assistant Director who reports to the Director and Associate Director of Residential Life. It is important to note that while these three areas work closely together to ensure the best student experience possible, they each oversee different aspects of the residential experience. 

Housing & Operations is responsible for the administrative, financial and logistical aspects of Residential Life. This team oversees some of but not limited to the following:

  • Move in and out including withdrawals, break housing, and applications for housing
  • Isolation Housing
  • Ensuring compliance with FITABLE accommodations
  • Student billing for housing and meal plan related costs                                                      
  • Providing a liaison for urgent and emergency facilities concerns

Residential Education focuses on the development of students, including education & accountability, as well as providing 24/7 on call support. This team oversees some but not limited to the following:

  • Room swaps and helping residents navigate conflict
  • Creation, Implementation, and Assessment of the Residential Curriculum
  • Student and Staff Development
  • Minor concerns with facilities and room status
  • Student support, follow up, and intervention

Community Standards is dedicated to student safety and accountability. Their goal is to ensure the Residence Halls remain as safe as possible and are conducive to learning. Community Standards practices restorative justice and education over punishment. This team oversees some but not limited to the following:

  • Management of residential conduct including case appeals
  • Residential Health & Safety Inspections
  • Title IX and sexual based misconduct
  • Residential Clery Reporting
  • Residential Policies such as the student handbook

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Who and How to Contact Us

General concerns related to Community Standards or Housing & Operations are best sent to [email protected] or by calling our main office at (212) 217-3900 during business hours. For concerns related to Residential Education, there are many staff here and willing to help, these folks include the following.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RA) are students selected on a yearly basis to act as a resource for student and assist with the challenges of living on campus while providing an enriching experience. Each floor has at least one RA who are available to students on a regular basis. 

Resident Assistants have scheduled office hours every evening from 6pm - 11pm. 

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Residential Education Coordinators

The Residential Education Coordinator (REC) is responsible for providing leadership and supervision for a residence hall community. RECs oversee the daily operation of a residence hall and serve as an active and visible Residential Life staff member.  RECs lead educational and community-building initiatives within a residence hall through supervision of staff, building relationships with and assisting residents, enacting community standards procedures, and serving on an on-call duty rotation.  RECs are also instrumental in contributing to the success of Residential Life and the FIT Division of Student Success through department-wide and campus activities including move in/out, student leadership retreats, summer housing, departmental committees, assessment, and more.  

Residence Hall Association

The RHA is made up of residents who plan events and voice the concerns of the resident student. We encourage all residents to attend RHA meetings.