Applied Learning Initiative

In May 2015, the SUNY Board of Trustees passed a resolution for SUNY to develop a plan to make applied learning activities available to SUNY students enrolled in the 2016-2017 academic year, and that the System plan would include those of individual campuses.

SUNY defines applied learning activities as “a hands-on, real-world approach where students learn by doing. Although the setting and context may vary for each applied learning opportunity, these traditionally include planning, training, monitoring, reflection, and evaluation, and can be credit bearing or not, at home or abroad.”

To develop our campus plan we have organized an applied learning campus committee. Its members include representatives from the Faculty Senate (Ellen Goldstein), the Office of International Programs (Jesse Saba), Career and Internship Services (Jennifer Miller Peters), Internship Studies (Marjorie  Silverman), Academic Advisement (Tardis Johnson), EMSS (Suzanne McGillicuddy), Academic Affairs (Yasemin Jones), and Institutional Research (Darrell Glenn). We are also recruiting student  representatives to join the team. 

On February  2016, we submitted part 1 of our campus plan which included identification and support of our campus-approved applied learning activities. The applied learning activities our campus highlighted included courses related to Internships, study abroad courses, and capstone/senior projects.

Part 2, Data Collection and Reporting, Part 3, Faculty Engagement, Part 4, Student Engagement, and Part 5, Feasibility Study, of the campus plan are due on April 15, 2016.

For information regarding applied learning at SUNY, see the following resources: