Middle School Summer Live Course Descriptions

JAR 120 Fashion Design
Create original fashion designs under the guidance of one of FIT's fashion design professors. Topics include: dressing for events, identifying fabrics, styles and silhouettes, and basic fashion-art skills. All designs are drawn on the croquis (elongated fashion figure).

JAR 121 Hot Fashion Trends
Explore current styles in junior sportswear, including streetwear, urbanwear, gothic styles, and others. Students design trendy fashions for their age group. All designs are drawn on the croquis (elongated fashion figure).

JAR 122 Designing A Collection Through Artwork
Illustrate and design a collection using the "flat drawing" approach. Garments are designed using silhouettes instead of drawn on the fashion figure. Focus will be on design details, construction, fabric rendering and design development. Students will learn how to make a collection cohesive through the final project. A great course for students with little-to-no drawing experience!

JFA 130 Painting in the Style of....
Love to paint? Could you be the next van Gogh? Students learn about important 20th century painters and learn to paint in various styles. The course includes some art history and lots of hands-on painting. Acrylic paints are used.

JFA 131 Basic Drawing Skills
Learn observational drawing, basic perspective techniques, and other tricks-of-the trade to transform quick sketches into works of art. Explore a wide range of media including charcoal, pencil, pastel, and cray-pas.

JFA 132 Multiple Media Workshop
Drawing with watercolor crayons, painting with acrylics, collage, mask making, and assemblage are all methods explored in this class. Students are encouraged to develop their own artistic vision.

JFA 133 Designing with Color
Learn the fundamentals of designing with color, including the color wheel, color harmonies, and color families. Hands-on projects explore the many ways colors can be used in design.

JFA 134 Experimental Drawing
Experimenting with material, scale, imagery and process, students integrate observation, imagination,invention & abstraction into their working methods.

JFA 135 Intro to Experimental MonoPrinting
Students are introduced to the basics of monoprinting with emphasis on exploring printmaking as a medium where no two prints are exactly the same. Students will focus on color, composition and working back into their prints, resulting in a developed portfolio piece.

JJD 140 Jewelry Design- Studio 1: Wire-Forming Techniques
Learn the basic skills needed to create fascinating and beautiful jewelry using a variety of professional wire-forming techniques. Each day students will make their own pieces to keep.

JJD 142 Jewelry Design- Studio 2: Metal, Clay and Resin Techniques
Learn the basic skills needed to work with metal, clay and resin to create unique finished jewelry pieces for your portfolio or to wear.

JTS 150 Fabric Decorating
A fun introduction to the art of surface design. Transform your jeans, tote bags, and sneakers into unique fashion items using paint and various decorative trims.

JTS 151 Fashion Print Design
Learn to create trendy fashion print designs to coordinate with your fashion silhouettes. Create a textile fashion print based on a current designer, an artist and a regional area. Students will be able to explore color, pattern, and textile.