Room Locations

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Click on the links below for detailed directions to your classrooms:

Conference Center
Directions to: Lower Level Seminar Rooms

Dubinsky Center - Click HERE to see a video on how to get to the Dubinsky entrance
Directions to: AC08
Directions to: A309, A320, A321B, A322, A336, A337
Directions to: A480, A481, A484, A485, A487  
Directions to: A581 
Directions to: A608H, A682

Business & Liberal Arts Center
Directions to: B303, B304, B306, B307, B309
Directions to: B503, B504, B506, B508
Directions to: B734
Directions to: B819, B860
Directions to: B915A, B923 

Feldman Center
Directions to: CC40 (Lower Level)  
Directions to: C230, C231, C232 
Directions to: C302, C304, C305, C306, C306C, C306C C310, C312, C314, C316
Directions to: C406, C408, C409, C410, C412, C415A, C415B, C415C
Directions to: C501, C502, C503, C504, C506, C507, C511, C515 
Directions to: C601, C602, C603, C604, C606, C607, C609, C610, C611, C615
Directions to: C701, C702, C704,  C705, C706, C707, C709, C710,  C711, C713, C714, C715
Directions to: C802, C807, C808, C809, C810, C811, C813, C815 

Pomerantz Center
Directions to: D203, D206, D207, D210, D211, D223
Directions to: D403, D405, D411, D420, D422, D424, D425, D446, D447
Directions to: D502, D503, D504, D505, D506, D509, D510, D513, D514, D517, D522, D523, D524, D530
Directions to: D602, D603, D604, D605, D614, D615, D616, D617, D625, D626, D627, D630, D633