Room Locations

The Precollege Office is located in SR10, in the Lower Level of the Confernece Center. We can be easily accessed by using the FIT entrance on 28th Street, just west of 7th Avenue, or by following the signage from the Admissions Office in the Feldman Lobby. View more details about directions to FIT by air, bus or rail

Click on the links below for detailed directions to your classrooms:

Conference Center
Directions to: Lower Level Seminar Rooms

Dubinsky Center - Click HERE to see a video on how to get to the Dubinsky entrance
Directions to: AC08
Directions to: A309, A320, A321B, A322, A336, A337
Directions to: A480, A481, A484, A485, A487  
Directions to: A581 
Directions to: A608H, A682

Business & Liberal Arts Center
Directions to: B303, B304, B306, B307, B309
Directions to: B503, B504, B506, B508
Directions to: B734
Directions to: B819, B860
Directions to: B915A, B923 

Feldman Center
Directions to: CC40 (Lower Level)  
Directions to: C230, C231, C232 
Directions to: C302, C304, C305, C306, C306C, C306C C310, C312, C314, C316
Directions to: C406, C408, C409, C410, C412, C415A, C415B, C415C
Directions to: C501, C502, C503, C504, C506, C507, C511, C515 
Directions to: C601, C602, C603, C604, C606, C607, C609, C610, C611, C615
Directions to: C701, C702, C704,  C705, C706, C707, C709, C710,  C711, C713, C714, C715
Directions to: C802, C807, C808, C809, C810, C811, C813, C815 

Pomerantz Center
Directions to: D203, D206, D207, D210, D211, D223
Directions to: D403, D405, D411, D420, D422, D424, D425, D446, D447  
Directions to: D502, D503, D504, D505, D506, D509, D510, D513, D514, D517, D522, D523, D524, D530
Directions to: D602, D603, D604, D605, D614, D615, D616, D617, D625, D626, D627, D630, D633 
Directions to: D203, D206, D207, D210, D211, D223

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