Course Withdrawal

This information pertains to dropping one more courses. For information about withdrawing from the college, see Withdrawing from the College.

After initial registration, you can make adjustments to your course schedule by adding and dropping courses online in MyFIT through the late registration (add/drop) period

Add/drop takes place during the first week of a fall or spring semester and through the second day of a winter or summer session. Review the Academic Calendar for specific registration dates and withdrawal deadlines.

If you withdraw from a course during add/drop, no notation of attempting the course is made on your permanent record. If you withdraw from a course after add/drop, you will receive a withdrawal grade. 

Withdrawing From a Course After Add/Drop

You may withdraw from a course up until the last day of the 13th week of a fall or spring term, until the 9th day in a winter term, and until the 13th day in a summer term.  You will receive a final grade of WD if the withdrawal is completed in this time frame, which will not affect your grade point average (GPA).  If you stop attending classes without completing the official course withdrawal process you will receive a WF grade, which is equivalent to an F grade. 

To officially withdraw from a course, you must submit a course withdrawal form with the required signatures and last date of attendance to the Registrar's Office in Feldman Center, Room C204. 

» Course Withdrawal Form (pdf)

Important Information About Withdrawals

  • Withdrawing may result in partial or full tuition and fees liability and/or a reduction or cancellation of your financial aid such as PELL, TAP, Excelsior, loans, etc. It is recommended you consult with a financial aid officer prior to withdrawing to understand how withdrawals may affect your awards. EOP students should visit the EOP Office prior to withdrawing. See: Financial Aid Withdrawals
  • Withdrawing from course(s) does not relieve you of financial obligations to the college.  Outstanding debts may be referred to a licensed collection agency and all collections fees may be added to the outstanding balance. If legal action becomes necessary, litigation and all court costs will be your responsibility to pay.
  • Housing, financial aid, medical insurance, and auto insurance may be affected if dropping/withdrawing brings your total course load below 12 credits (full-time status).
  • The course withdrawal process is student initiated. It is up to you to obtain all signatures and return each withdrawal form to the Registrar's Office for processing before the deadline, to ensure your withdrawal is processed.
  • Understand how a course withdrawal may affect future registration because of pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements.
  • Withdrawals will not be accepted after the deadline. See: Academic Calendar