Flu Guidelines

You are probably aware through the various local and national news outlets that we are in the midst of a very active Influenza (Flu) season. New York City, as well as most of the country, has seen an increased number of active cases of Influenza viral infections.

step 1 Prevent the spread of the Influenza virus

We ask that you all take some measures to prevent the spread of the Flu virus. Hand washing is the cornerstone of stopping the spread of virus with soap and water or the use of hand sanitizer. This should be done frequently throughout the day and particularly before eating or drinking. This should also be done after handling common public items such as subway poles and doorknobs.

step 2 Do you feel ill with fever, nasal congestion, cough and body aches?

Anyone experiencing the following symptoms should be evaluated by FIT Health Services or another medical provider as soon as possible:

  • fever
  • nasal congestion
  • cough and body aches

For those students who are coughing we ask that you cough into the inner part of the fold of your elbow and avoiding coughing in your hands or touching your eyes and nose. Those who are sick should also wash their hands frequently.

step 3 Were you diagnosed with the flu or have been in close contact with someone who was?

Students who are diagnosed with the Flu by a rapid swab test or have symptoms that make the Flu diagnosis very likely are strongly being
urged to return home to recover from their illness if this is geographically feasible. Tamiflu is a Flu medication than can be prescribed for those with the flu to take 1 tablet twice a day for 5 days while resting.

Those who have been in close contact to those individuals diagnosed with the Flu such as residence hall roommates or students in your classes and have an underlying medical diagnosis, such as Diabetics and Asthmatics, may avail themselves of using Tamiflu to potentially prevent the Flu.
Prescription for Tamiflu can be obtained through FIT Health Services or another medical provider.

If you are concerned about potential contact with someone diagnosed with the Flu and would like more information, please visit FIT Health Services.

step 4 Get the flu vaccine, if you have not already done so

Even though it is getting later in the Flu season, we still highly recommend that students get a Flu vaccine if they haven’t already done so. They can be obtained at FIT Health Services or most local pharmacies in the neighborhood.