Advertisement Purchasing and Placement

Policy No. CR004

Policy Statement

Advertising is defined as paid placements in print, broadcast, digital media, and search engines purchased to promote the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) brand and image, the college's academic programs and events, the Museum at FIT, employment opportunities at the college, or to acknowledge the contributions of supporters and partners in the industry. Any division or department seeking advertising is required to consult directly with Communications and External Relations (CER), unless otherwise noted as an exception in this policy. 

Who is Affected by this Policy

  • Anyone on behalf of the College who is considering purchasing and placing advertising for any purpose, other than employee recruitment.

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator(s):  Vice President for Communications and External Relations
  • Responsible Office(s):  Communications and External Relations
  • Implementation History: Issued June 2015; Updated September 2021
  • Contact(s): Assistant Vice President Communications and External Relations 

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CR004, Advertisement Purchasing and Placement (.pdf)
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