Transfer Credit

Policy No. EM016

Policy Statement

FIT has attracted a large transfer student population. Many students choose to transfer to FIT for our specialized curriculum. The process of evaluating transcripts for liberal arts transfer credit is a function of the Registrar’s Office. Registrars consult with appropriate liberal arts departments when necessary to ensure the maximum transfer credits. These practices properly address standards articulated in the Joint Statement on the Transfer and Award of Credit (AACRAO, ACE, and CHEA). Transcripts with coursework taken within the major or related area will be forwarded by the Admissions Office to the appropriate academic department to determine if coursework taken is equivalent to FIT’s major or related area courses.

Who is Affected by This Policy

  • Transfer Students
  • High School Students with college credit
  • International Transfer Students
  • Continuing Students Requesting Off-Campus Study

Policy Information

  • Responsible Administrator: Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Success
  • Responsible Office: Office of the Registrar
  • Implementation History:  Issued December 2015; Updated July 2018, July 2019, June 2021, January 2023
  • Contact: Office of the Registrar

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EM016, Transfer Credit Policy (.pdf)
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