In-Person Placement Exams

What to Expect 

Placement tests are given in the Testing Center, which is located in Feldman Center, Room C614. You should arrive 15 minutes ahead of the time of your exam. Bring your FIT ID card, if possible. If you do not have an FIT ID card, bring another photo ID, such as passport or a driver’s license. You should also have your student ID number available. 

The English placement exam takes two hours. Each math placement exam takes one hour. 

A $30 dollar testing fee will be charged to your FIT account. Do not bring payment to the test.

» Review Testing Fees 

During the test:

  • You cannot use a calculator, dictionary, phone, tablet, or other device during the exam.
  • You may leave the Testing Center if you need to visit the restroom.

Make an Appointment for Your Exam

To schedule an in-person placement test on campus:

  1. Log in to MyFIT.
  2. Click on Student in the navigation.
  3. Scroll down to Online Resources.
  4. Click on the link for Online Information System.
  5. Click on Placement Test Scheduling and Results.
  6. Click on Placement Tests Scheduling and make your appointment.

Getting Your Results

When you have completed your placement exam online, your results will automatically be sent to FIT
from Accuplacer. You can retrieve your results in MyFIT one week after successfully completing your exam.

Log in to MyFIT, choose the Student tab, then Online Information System then Placement Tests Scheduling and Results then Placement Test Results

Online Remote Testing

If you are unable to take a placement exam in person, you may take one remotely by scheduling an online placement exam