LGBTQ and Ally Training

Vivian Chen and Cody Kirkpatrick, Residential Life

This proposal was to provide training to the professional and paraprofessional staff in the department of Residential Life on the topic of the LGBTQ community and establish a Safe Zone program.  The purpose of the Safe Zone program is to foster an affirming and safe campus environment for LGBTQ individuals.  Approximately 220 college/universities throughout the United States have established a Safe Zone program.  The Safe Zone program includes training on LGBTQ issues, terminology, and ways to support those in need.  It culminates in public identification of those who have completed the training (allies) across the campus by placing a "Safe" symbol, usually incorporating a pink triangle or rainbow, on office doors or within living spaces.

In January 2013, the project was expanded to include Safe Zone trainings to FIT staff and faculty.  The three-hour training program provides participants an understanding of LGBTQ identity, the impact of homophobia/transphobia on college campuses and guidance on creating a welcoming campus climate for LGBTQ communities.  By completing the Safe Zone program, they have acquired a foundation of knowledge to become effective allies to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning individuals. 

Congratulations to our new LGBTQ Allies!

  • Laura Arbogast, Director, Admissions and Recruiting
  • Joseph Arcoleo, Director of Environmental Health and Safety, Operational Services
  • Norma Stary Campbell, Web Content Coordinator, Communication and External Relations
  • James Cascaito, Chair, Foreign Languages
  • Michael Casey, Assistant Chair, Fashion Design
  • Regan Christie, Counselor, Academic Advising
  • Erika Coble, HR Generalist, Human Resources
  • Michael Cokkinos, Co-chair, Diversity Council
  • Frances Dearing, Associate Dean, Planning, Assessment and Compliance
  • Griselda Gonzalez, Affirmative Action Officer, Planning, Assessment and Compliance
  • Michael Heidenberg, Counselor Associate, Academic Advising
  • Tardis Johnson, Assistant Dean, Academic Advising
  • Deliwe Kekana, Administrative Aide, Planning, Assessment and Compliance
  • Laura Kraig, Research Assistant, School of Continuing and Professional Education
  • Tracie King, Manager, Cashiering Operations, Bursars Office
  • Marcia Lezama, Counselor Associate, Academic Advising
  • Beth Lish, Counselor Associate, Academic Advising
  • Antonia Lynch, Admin Coordinator, Operational Services
  • Nicky Mar, Counselor Associate, Academic Advising
  • Phillip Menzies, Counselor Associate, Academic Advising
  • Deborah Payton-Jones, Counselor Associate, Student Life
  • Benita Pratt, Counselor, Academic Advising
  • Erika Rohrbach, International Student Advisor, Office of International Student Advisors
  • Carmita Sanchez-Fong, Associate Professor, Interior Design
  • Karen Scheetz, Assistant Chair, Fashion Design
  • Penny Tomasello, Executive Coordinator, Academic Advising
  • Michelle Van-Ess, Director, Student Life