Planning Council

President Joyce F. Brown

Joanne Arbuckle
Dean, School of Art and Design

Sherry Brabham
Treasurer and Vice President, Administration and Finance

Kelly Brennan
Assistant Vice President for Enrollment Services, Enrollment Management and Student Success

Robin Burns-McNeill
Vice Chair, FIT Board of Trustees

James Cascaito
President , Faculty Senate
Chair, Department of Foreign Languages
Professor, Italian
School of Liberal Arts

Gregg Chottiner
Vice President, Information Technology and CIO

Mary Davis
Dean, School of Graduate Studies

Roberta Elins
President, United College Employees of FIT
Professor, Advertising and Marketing Communications
Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology

Brian Fallon
Director, Writing Studio
School of Liberal Arts

Steven Frumkin
Dean, Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology

Darrell Glenn
Director, Institutional Research and Effectiveness

Ellen Goldstein
Professor, Accessories Design
School of Art and Design

Jill Granoff
Director, FIT Foundation

Yasemin Celik Levine
Chair, Social Science
Professor, Political Science and World Affairs
School of Liberal Arts

Deirdre Quinn
Trustee, FIT Board of Trustees

Giacomo Oliva
Vice President, Academic Affairs

James Pearce
Digital Media Coordinator, Technology Development Team
Information Technology

Melanie Reim
Associate Professor, Illustration
School of Art and Design
Chair, Illustration MFA
School of Graduate Studies

Anubhuti Swarup
President, FITSA

Ex-officio Staff and Resources to the Planning Council

Arthur Brown
Vice President, Human Resource Management and Labor Relations

Shari Prussin
Deputy to the President for Strategic Initiatives and Executive Assistant to the President

Beverly Solochek
Assistant to the President