French and Francophone Studies

The French and Francophone Studies Minor is designed to provide students with the opportunity to gain a foundation in the French language and an interdisciplinary appreciation and understanding of the intellectual and cultural traditions of France and the French-speaking world. The minor exposes students to contemporary as well as historical issues related to French and global Francophone cultures. Study abroad opportunities are available to complete the requirements for this minor.

Coordinator: Nicole Ruimy


You must complete two semesters of French Language. Choose from:

  • FR 111 French I
  • FR 112 French II
  • FR 122 French Conversation I
  • FR 132 French in Paris
  • FR 213 French III
  • FR 214 French IV
  • FR 223 French Conversation II
  • FR 315 Introduction to French Literature

Choose three additional elective courses from the following list.

Course Credits
MC 208 Paris: Imagined and Real 3
MC 301 Imaginary Encounters: Representations of the Caribbean (Honors) 3
MC 302 Faire La Cuisine: French Food and Identity 3
MC 303 Black in Paris: African American, African, and Caribbean Writers in the City of Lights (Honors) 3
MC 306 Narratives of Global Capital: Francophone Africa from the 1960's to the Present 3
MC 308 White Gold: Sugar, Power and the Creation of Atlantic Capitalism (Interdisciplinary) 3
FI 341 French Cinema 3
HA 244 Art and Architecture in Paris 3
HA 301 Fashion and Impressionism (Honors) 3

Please check the Undergraduate Catalog for course descriptions and any prerequisite information.