Chosen Name Form

FIT recognizes that students may choose to use a first name other than their legal first name to identify themselves. The College will use a student’s chosen name, when possible, unless the student’s legal name is required by law.

Students can access the Chosen Name Request form online. Once your request is received, the Dean of Students Office will work with the Registrar's Office and IT to process your request, and you will be notified of your approval by IT via email. The following is a list of where your chosen first name will appear in place of your legal first name:

1.       Class rosters
2.      Grade rosters
3.      Certification rosters
4.      Degree audits
5.      Email
6.      Adirondack (residence hall system)
7.      Your FIT ID card
8.      Banner (student records system)
9.      Internal reports
10.    Mailings (including mail that may be sent to your permanent or home address)

Please be sure to notify all of your contacts of your email address change once your Chosen Name request has been approved. Your former email address will be available for one month, during which time you will still be able to receive email sent to that address. However, please be advised that the one month period is contingent upon the need to reclaim your old name for a new user with the same name. In these circumstances, we would need to reclaim the old email sooner than the one month period and you would no longer have access to this address. You would be contacted if this situation presents itself. After one month, you will no longer have access to this email account.           

In addition, you will be unable to retain your old FIT ID card with your legal first name. It will be deactivated and must be turned into Public Safety upon retrieval of your new FIT ID card with your chosen name. 

The Chosen Name Request Form is accessible online here.  

Please note that the Legal Name Change process is not the same as the Chosen Name Process. If you are looking to submit a legal name change, please fill out this form online via the Registrar's Office.