Library Safety Tips

Your Stuff in the Library

  • Never leave valuables unattended - even to print a quick job, grab a book off the shelf or use the restroom. It is when thefts occur most often.
  • If you’re leaving the Library to grab a bite to eat or get something from a locker, take your belongings with you. Don’t rely on a neighbor to watch your belongings, they may also need to leave, forget, etc.
  • Report any stolen property to the Access Services Desk on the 5th floor. They will immediately contact Public Safety.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings at all times, if you see something say something to the nearest public service desk (on the 4th or 5th floor) or the Safety Officer on duty in the Library.

You in the Library

  • If you’re feeling ill or get injured while in the Library and need assistance, contact the nearest public service desk or Safety Officer on duty in the Library.
  • Respond to all fire alarms, shelter in place and Safety instructions whether in person or over the PA system. Whether an alarm is a drill or not, treat it as you would a real emergency. Take a few minutes to notice all available emergency exits in the Library and the locations of emergency call boxes on each floor.
  • If you’re stressed out about school work we can help! Ask the Library to chat or text with the Research Services Desk (also located in the 5th floor Lobby). Use our Research Guides for help with assignments.

FIT Care Team

Any member of the FIT College community (faculty, staff or students) may fill out a Care Incident Communication Form if they are concerned by student behavior that could be construed as harmful to the student or to others.

More information about the FIT Care Team

General Safety Tips

Be especially aware of your surroundings in crowded areas and be mindful of your personal possessions at all times.


Notify FIT Public Safety when you are working in any FIT building after regular hours (after 10:30pm). Report any suspicious activity to the FIT Public Safety Office.

Phone Numbers:
Public Safety - (212) 217-7777 (emergency line) or (212) 217-4999 (administrative line)
Dean of Students - (212) 217-3800
Title IX Coordinator - (212) 217-3360

 More Safety Tips are available on the FIT website via Public Safety