Online Ordering

Preparing and Emailing Your Job

order instructions diagram, complete instructions are in the page text

All services available for currently enrolled FIT students and FIT staff, faculty and departments. Alumni jobs not accepted. 

Complete an order form and save your files as a psd, jpeg, jps, tiff, png, ai, pdf or stl. Create a folder labeled with your name and date and copy the files inside it.  Email the folder to [email protected]

  • Submit files the size you need them for budget poster, inkjet and laser printing because we don't edit customer files by changing file sizes.  If you want your files to proportionally reduce or enlarge to fit the paper size of your choosing, choose the "Resize to Fit" option
  • Bleeds and trim marks -- Printfx will not edit customer files by adding bleeds, margins etc.  Select "Add Trim Marks" on the order form if you need cut guidelines.  View our Bleeds & Cropmarks quick guide video for more information
  • Proof file content. PrintFX staff is not responsible for spelling or grammatical errors
  • Laser / toner-based printing limit -- 50 prints per job
  • Sample paper book -- available at our front counter or view video. Small swatches available by request.
  • List of the weight of our papers
  • Inkjet fabric composition
  • File setup and print colorspaces --  Adobe RGB 1998. RGB color mode
  • Adobe Illustrator --   outline fonts and embed or include linked images with file(s)
  • File resolution -- Always use 300dpi.  View our Photoshop resolution and sizing tips video 
  • Email both file(s) and form(s) simultaneously and only once. Sending duplicate orders may not be caught by PrintFX staff resulting in you paying twice! Check your 'Sent' folder to confirm that your job was sent successfully
  • Review our job turnaround times and hours of operation prior to job submission. No rush orders until further notice. If you request a rush order via email, your job will be rejected
  • Self-service trimmers -- board and paper trimmers available 9:00am-4:45pm M-F for students, staff, faculty and departments on a first come, first serve basis. 
  • File color vs. print color -- we offer color-calibrated monitors for soft proofing files prior to submitting an inkjet sheet, poster, fabric, specialty media or vinyl sticker job. Soft proofing provides a close preview of how your file's colors will look when printed on our printers. This is done in Photoshop where you can then make color adjustments to your file as needed for subsequent submission.
  • Margin guidelines -- no borderless printing: 
    • Laser Prints & Inkjet Sheets -- No borderless printing. 1/8" - 1/4" uneven border around paper
    • Inkjet Poster, Specialty Media, Budget Posters, Fabric Prints, Large Format Copies -- 1/8" - 1/4" on both sides of the roll width.
    • Vinyl Stickers (print and cut) -- Maximum width is 21". Minimum length is 6"
    • Vinyl Stickers (printing only / no cutting) -- 24" vinyl rolls. File should be no larger than 23" in width and 120" in length. Minimum length is 6"
    • Vinyl Stickers (cutting only) -- 24" vinyl rolls. File should be no larger than 21" in width and 60" in length. Minimum length is 6"
    • Laser Cutting -- Maximum material / file size is 24"x48". Leave 1/4" around entire laser cut file

Step One

Choose a service and download a fillable pdf order form below, save it to your local computer drive, open and complete it using Adobe Acrobat or Reader. Reference our Services & Pricing guide (.pdf) for service details and prices.  Forms are pdfs and may require Adobe Acrobat or Reader.

  • Need help with specific services? Reference our guides and video tutorials.
  • Disclaimer: All substrates (paper, fabric and vinyl) are subject to change without notice.   

Step Two

Prepare and save your order form(s) and file(s).

Button pins: Add your images to a button pin template and include this file with your completed Button Pin order form.

Spiral binding: Include both a completed Laser Print and Spiral Book Binding order form along with your files.  Single-sided printing only. 50 sheet limit.

Step Three

Create a folder labeled with your name and date onto your local computer drive and place a copy of your file(s), order form(s) and any other necessary documents inside.

Step Four

Connect to your FIT Google Drive associated with your FIT email address (your job will be rejected if you use a non-FIT email address). Upload the folder and share it with [email protected]

Need Guidance?

Custom tutorials and guides 

Turnaround Times

Turnaround time depends on the service. During December 1-22 and May 1-20, we have an increased demand for services so plan for a full business day (24hr) turnaround time for Laser Prints; Ink Jet Sheets; Ink Jet Posters; Fabric Prints; Spiral Bookbinding; Large Format Copies and Budget Poster jobs.

We cannot accommodate your requests to complete jobs at a specific time within the 24hr timeframe. Rush jobs have been suspended until further notice. 

Hold, Rejected, Canceled Jobs

Respond in a timely manner to PrintFX's email notifications that we've either placed your job on hold or rejected it. The turnaround time will change based on the time you responded.  If we don't hear from you within 24hrs,  your job will be canceled.  For customer requested job cancelations, contact staff and we'll cancel it if it wasn't started.  If it was completed, you're responsible for its full cost even if you decide you no longer need it.

Payment and Job Pick Up

Pay to pick up your job at PrintFX's service desk, Pomerantz Center, Room D529A.  Full payment expected at time of pick up.  Students with unpaid jobs will be emailed an unpaid order warning after one week and if the job remains unpaid, an academic hold will be placed on the account.

After receiving an email notification that your job is complete, add funds to your FIT eAccount and use our step-by-step instructions.  Alternatively, use cash at the PHiL stations located on the 5th floor of the FIT Library (Goodman Center) or in the basement of the Feldman Center, CC15.  They accept $1, $5, $10, and $20 bills. Coins not accepted.  Coming soon! Cash / credit card kiosk located outside PrintFX.


For budget transfers, complete an updated  PrintFX Supply Reimbursement Authorization Form (.pdf) to email along with your order form(s) and file(s).  PrintFX staff will reply with the cost of the job which needs approval before we can start it.  Double that amount for rush jobs.  Please note that the turnaround time does not start for your order until we receive an emailed response that your department approves the cost. If we don't receive the approval within 3 business days, the job will be canceled. We no longer accept running balances. Reimbursements brought to us from April 15th through June 30th will be transferred in the following fiscal year.

Form is a pdf and may require Adobe Acrobat or Reader.