Photography and Related Media AAS


Deadline: February 1 - SlideRoom Fee (USD): $10
(New essay question for 2020 applicants)

Your portfolio should be organized; image quality should be consistent and represent areas of personal interest to you. You do not have to show what you consider to be fashion or advertising images. Assemble your work to tell us what you would like us to know about you and your particular vision of the world.

Our evaluation of your work will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Your sense of design, imagination and creativity.
    Reviewers are looking at composition, lighting, and creativity.
  2. Your technical skills.
    Reviewers are looking at exposure, focus, and post-processing.
  3. A willingness to be experimental (whether successful or not on the first attempt).
    Show how you look for unique subject matter and photograph it in a unique way. Use the power of photography to transform the world around you. Make images that demonstrate that you’re looking at great photography.
  4. Your ability to communicate complex ideas visually.
  5. The organization, neatness and care that you take in presenting your portfolio.
    If you are shooting film, please be careful about how you present your images. Prints shouldn’t show dust marks or stains and should be properly digitized.


  • Don’t be repetitive! If you’re including more than one image from one shoot, make sure they’re different.
  • Avoid clichés. Think twice about including too many photographs of sunsets, flowers, and beaches.

Please submit two short essays and a portfolio of 20 to 25 images or videos.


Photography and Related Media AAS Essays

Please respond thoughtfully and note that your answers do not replace the essay that you are required to submit as part of your FIT/SUNY application.

1. In a maximum of 500 words, identify two photographers or artists who have influenced your photography. Cite specific examples of how this influence has shaped your work.

This is an opportunity to show your curiosity about the world of art and photography so think twice about writing about your high school art teacher, the latest Instagram star, or a photographer who is featured on a reality TV show. Make clear connections between your work and the work of the people who influenced you.

2. In a maximum of 500 words, write about your experience learning photography up until now.

Did you take classes in high school or college? Did you take photography workshops? Are you self-taught?


We are looking for you to explore different ways to communicate your ideas and concepts. In addition, we ask for neatness, a high quality of technical execution, and evidence of organizational skills. If you have videos, you may upload them. Each video will count as an image.

Provide 20-25 items. Images (up to 5MB each) and Video (up to 250MB each)