Internal Communications

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FIT is committed to keeping our community of faculty, students, staff, and administrators informed and connected to one another, and to enabling collaboration and information sharing. We work in a variety of channels, including the website’s home page, email, Newsroom, and social media, to provide useful, relevant, and timely updates on news, activities, and events.

Review the various channels and processes below. Help us share information by letting us know about potential stories. We welcome any ideas you have about ways to communicate within the institution.

FIT Newsroom and Newsroom Direct

FIT Newsroom is the college’s central source for events, news, and activities. It provides direct event promotion to all FIT employees and enjoys a wide subscription base of students, alumni, and friends of the college.

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Newsroom Direct is the e-newsletter companion to Newsroom. It contains current Newsroom highlights and is sent on Monday afternoons to employees and subscribers. Submissions are welcome and everyone is encouraged to submit information.

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External Relations Email Account

CER is authorized to send collegewide email to the FIT community. Collegewide email is generally reserved for news and information that is intended for broad distribution and of interest to the community. Collegewide email is also used to send time-sensitive information about college and facilities operations as well as to disseminate news and notifications in emergency situations. Instead of using collegewide email, we encourage the community to submit individual events and news items about faculty or departments to Newsroom. 

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To inquire about whether your item is appropriate for a collegewide employee email or to discuss other options, please contact us at [email protected].

Other Institutional Email Accounts

Several other divisions are also authorized to send collegewide email.

  • The Office of the President is authorized to email all employees and sends information about a range of topics regarding matters of importance to the college.
  • Human Resource Management and Labor Relations is authorized to email all employees with information about benefits, work schedules, and other personnel-related matters.
  • Information Technology regularly updates employees and students about computers, software, internet services, cybersafety, and other technology issues affecting the college.
  • Academic Affairs is authorized to send emails to various faculty listservs with relevant curricular and divisional information.
  • Enrollment Management and Student Success sends all email communications to students from its departments, including the Registrar, Student Life, Athletics, and Residential Life. For information about email sent to students, contact the Office of the Dean of Students.

Bulletin Board Flyers

Departments can create flyers for bulletin boards. See Print Publications for ways that CER can assist you. Note that all flyers must be approved by Student Life before being posted on bulletin boards.

Collegewide Voicemail

Collegewide voicemail should be used only for emergency communications. To promote events or other activities, please submit them for placement on the FIT events calendar.

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