Placing Materials on Reserve

FIT Faculty may place required readings, supplemental readings, or other materials on reserve at the Circulation Desk. All items on reserve, including personal copies, are listed in the OneSearch  Library Catalog.  Please read the Library's Textbook Purchasing Policy before requesting textbooks for purchase.
Please submit your Reserve requests as early as possible to ensure that your requested materials will be processed and available in time for student use.

Place an Item on Reserve

Request an Item to be Purchased for Reserve


What materials can be placed on course reserve?

Include call numbers on the "Reserve Request" form.  If a book is not available in the OneSearch Library Catalog, we will attempt to purchase it in a timely manner. 

To expedite ordering books, include publisher and date of publication, ISBN, and edition.  It make take 2-6 weeks or longer to order, receive and process new books for reserve.

Personal Copies
You may place personal copies of books, DVDs, CDs or other non-print materials on reserve.  Please note the Library will place labels and stickers on your print materials in order to process them for the collection.  Please submit the online form to accompany your personal reserve or fill out the print form at the Circulation Desk when you bring your personal reserve to us. 

Journal Articles or Chapters in Books
All photocopies must fall within "fair use" (see Copyright Guidelines).  Unless you have obtained copyright permission from the author, please do not submit multiple copies of articles, photocopies of entire books or a photocopy that is more than 10% of a complete work.

The Library does not accept course packs or personal anthologies.  All items will have to be submitted individually.  Please submit the online form to accompany your photocopied material or fill out a print copy at the Circulation Desk.

What are the loan periods for materials on course reserve?

Two hours, four hours, 1-day, 1 week

May faculty keep personal items on Reserve indefinitely?

No, we cannot retain personal materials from semester to semester.  We will return your materials to you via interoffice mail at the end of the semester or shortly after the expiration date that you have indicated.

Faculty may resubmit personal materials for Reserve the following semester.

How do I put material on reserve?

Submit an online form for each item or come by the Circulation Desk for a printed copy of the form.

In addition to other information requested, be sure to include your course name and course number on the form.

Indicate an expiration date for each item you place on reserve.  Items will be automatically removed from reserve at the end of each semester.

If you want an item on reserve that the Library does not own, please submit a request to the Acquisitions and Metadata Services Unit at (212) 217-4341, or use the online form.  

When do I need to submit reserve requests?

To assure availability of material prior to the start of classes, please submit requests by the following deadlines:


Fall Semester       by August 15  
Spring Semester      by December 15    


When will materials will be available on reserve?

Lists are processed in the order received.  Online requests are processed before paper.  Since many lists are received in the first weeks of a semester, please submit your requests as early as possible to avoid delays.  Materials received after 4 pm or on weekends will not be available for two business days. 

You will receive an email from the Library when your list is ready.

Please make sure your materials are on reserve before making assignments.  You can search by your name, course name, or course number in the Reserves Module in the OneSearch Library Catalog  to confirm reserve materials are ready for students to check out.

Reserve processing times:

Library copy      5 business days     
Personal copy     5 business days
Books purchased from FIT Bookstore     10 business days
Books purchased from outside vendor 2-6 Weeks or longer to order, receive and process