Impactful Language

Submitted by: Ellen Brennan-Hearn, Grants Office; Curtis Willocks, Adjunct Instructor, Photography; Christie Shin, Assistant Professor, Communication Design; Brian Fallon, Director, Writing Studio

This interdisciplinary project brings awareness to the language we use about race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexuality, and ability. The campaign involves creation of FIT-branded posters that incorporate "I Don't Say" or "We Don't Say" superimposed over photographs of people from the FIT community along with a word or phrase that negatively impacts a particular group or person.

Students from photography and communication design will create the posters; Writing Studio students will create a survey asking students, faculty, and staff about the impact particular words have for them. The centerpiece of the project is a one-day photo shoot on campus. Photography students will create photos for the posters as communication design students make video recordings of the poster-making process.

An Impactful Language website and electronic booklet will be produced and the posters will be exhibited in high-traffic areas and at a reception.