Study Abroad

You have the opportunity to study abroad during your 6th semester or during winter and summer sessions. You may select any program accepted by the FIT Office of International Programs.



If you wish to study abroad during your 6th semester in the AHMP major, you must meet with the assistant chair before the end of registration in the fall of the 5th semester. During this meeting you will establish a plan that will insure the completion of required courses and fulfillment of the minimum credit requirements for graduation.

Of specific concern will be MP362 Museum Professions and Administration that is only offered at FIT during 6th semester. If you study abroad, you must take this course in the spring semester of your senior year.

Transfer Students

Transfer students who have a 60-credit residency requirement can only study abroad in the 6th semester at our FIT in Florence campus, or during the winter and summer sessions with FIT programs, since these are FIT courses taught abroad.