Recent Grant Awardees

Huipu Gao, Ajoy Sarkar, Imran Islam, Environmental Protection Agency [EPA], "Developing Reusable and Antiviral Face Masks from Plastic Waste," 2024.

Rebecca Bauman, Daniel Levinson-Wilk, Amy Werbel, National Endowment for the Humanities [NEH], "Creative Spaces/Contested Spaces: Reinterpreting Italian American Public Art in New York  City", 2023.

Helen Gaudette, Association of International Education Administrators, "Fall 2023 International Educators Conference," 2023.

Lawrence Langham, National Education Association [NEA] Foundation, "How do Colleges Teach Design ...", 2023.

Natalie Nudell, The Samuel H. Kress Foundation, "Archiving Fashion: Mapping Fashion and Textile Collections  Conference," 2023.

Lisa Kesselman, Garment District Alliance, "Business Development Collaborative," 2023.

Ajoy Sarkar, Cotton Inc., Cotton in the Curriculum, "Farm-2-Fashion: An Integrated Study of Cotton from the Farm to the Retail Shelf," 2022.

Elizabeth Way, Elena Romero, The Coby Foundation, "Fresh, Fly, and Fabulous" Exhibition, 2022.

Tanya Melendez, National Endowment for the Arts [NEA], Grants for the Arts, "Diverse Programming," 2022.

Erica Moretti, Mellon/American Council of Learned Societies [ACLS], Community College Faculty Fellowship, "Reuniting Families at the End of the Empire," 2022.

Tanya Melendez, National Endowment for the Arts [NEA], Grants for the Arts, "Food and Fashion," 2022.

Lisa Kesselman, SUNY Workforce Development Grant, "Restoring Manufacturing in New York," 2022.

Elizabeth Way, New York State Council on the Arts [NYSCA], "Africa's Fashion Diaspora," 2021.

Ann Coppinger, Foundation for Advancement in Conservation [FAIC] and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, "The Samuel H. Kress Conservation Fellowship," 2021.

Natalie Nudell, Karen Trivette, Council on Library and Information Services [CLIR], "Ruth Finley Fashion Calendar Archive," 2021.

Colleen Hill, New York State Council on the Arts [NYSCA], "Reinvention & Restlessness: 1990s Fashion," 2021.

Tanya Melendez, New York State Council on the Arts [NYSCA], "Why Shoes Matter," 2021.

Karen Pearson, et al., State University of New York [SUNY], SUNY Prepare Innovation and Internship Seed Grant, "PPE for Diverse Body Types," 2021.

Kyunghee Pyun, Academy of Korean Studies [AKS], "Korean Dress History," 2021.

Kyunghee Pyun, Daniel Levinson-Wilk, Vincent Quan, National Endowment for the Humanities [NEH], "Shop Girls to Show Girls: Teaching Resources on New York’s Working Class for Community College Students," 2020.

Karen Pearson, National Endowment for the Arts [NEA], "Sustainability Conference: An Initiative Focused on Sustainable Materials and Ethical Design in Fashion," 2020.

Karen Trivette, National Park Service (in collaboration with the Institute of Museum and Library Services [IMLS], the National Endowment for the Arts [NEA], and the National Endowment for the Humanities [NEH]), "Save America's Treasures, Seventh Heaven:  Preserving FIT Records from the Garment District," 2020.

Theanne Schiros, Amy Sperber, The Hearst Foundations, "A Wearable Optical-Sensing Garment: Design, Engineering and Education for a Healthy Humanity," 2020.

Susanne Goetz, Advanced Functional Fabrics of America [AFFOA], MicroAward, "Embroidery of Advanced Microfilaments," 2020.

Theanne Schiros, National Education Association [NEA] Foundation, Learning and Leadership Grant, "There is No Limit - Building Inclusive Sustainable Development Models through Textiles, Transparency, and Circularity in a Materials Economy," 2019.

Ann Coppinger, Institute of Museum and Library Services [IMLS], Museums for America, "Material Evidence: Assessing Risk in the Collection of The Museum at FIT," 2019.

Patricia Mears, New York State Council on the Arts [NYSCA], Architecture + Design, "Ballerina: Fashion's Modern Muse," 2019.

Amy Sperber, New York State Council on the Arts [NYSCA], Architecture + Design Independent Projects, "Open Source Fashion Avatars: A Digital Dress Form," 2019.

Deborah Berhanu, Karen Pearson, National Science Foundation[NSF], MRI (Major Research Instrumentation Program), "Acquisition of a Benchtop Analytical Scanning Electron Microscope," 2019.

Michelle Handelman, Creative Capital, Creative Capital Award, "DELIRIUM," 2019.

Kyunghee Pyun, Elaine Maldonado, SUNY IITG, Fashion Institute of Technology [FIT], Stony Brook University [SBU], SUNY Old Westbury, and Japan Foundation's Center for Global Partnership, "Beyond the Bamboo Canvas: Instructional Innovation for a Globalized Classroom," 2018.

Meira Goldberg, Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation and Humanities NY-Action Grant, "The Body Questions: Celebrating Flamenco’s Tangled Roots," 2018.

Daniel Levinson-Wilk, Kyunghee Pyun, National Endowment for the Humanities[NEH] Humanities Connections, "Teaching Business and Labor History to Art & Design Students," 2018.

Karen Pearson, Joanne Arbuckle, National Endowment for the Arts [NEA] ArtWorks, "Sustainability Conference: New Sustainable Design," 2018.

Justine DeYoung, Samuel H. Kress Foundation, "Fashion History Timeline," 2018.

Kyunghee Pyun, Daniel Levinson-Wilk, SUNY Conversations in the Disciplines, "Teaching Business and Labor History Across SUNY Campuses," 2018.