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Families in Transition

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Dear FIT Parents and Families,

In just a few months, your student will join the FIT community and begin a new journey with us. We are busy planning an engaging and informative New Student Orientation experience that we hope allows your student to connect with peers and learn about the various support services and resources at FIT. It is in this spirit of engagement that we'd like to invite you to attend Families In Transition, a welcome session for families, date TBD. 

Families in Transition is an opportunity for families to get a feel for student life at FIT and to connect with other folks who will be making similar transitions. This session includes an interactive presentation on what to anticipate now that the young adults in your life are beginning a new journey. We aim to give you a unique perspective on how to support your students as they transition to college and feel secure that they are in good hands.

We look forward to welcoming you to our FIT community.

Best wishes,

Corie A. McCallum, PhD
Associate Dean for Community Standards and Student Wellbeing
Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success

Tardis Johnson, Ed.D.
Acting Vice President
Division of Enrollment Management and Student Success