HS Spatial Experience Design Course Descriptions

Please note: Not all courses are offered each semester

HDE 101 Designing the Retail Experience
The retail experience is more than just shopping. It's also a form of play, escape, socialization, and entertainment all bundled into one. Learn how to create dynamic retail environments and discover the technologies that support your ideas. Design interactive experiences merged with merchandising strategies that will engage and delight customers as they shop. (You can skip this summer class if you've already taken HDE 113)

HDE 113 Experiential Retail Environments
What is experiential retailing? If you have ever shopped in a store where you've stuffed a toy, had a tea party with your doll, enjoyed coffee in a cyber café, or been engaged in live entertainment while you browsed, you've already experienced this trend in "retail-tainment." Learn how to merge interactive experiences with merchandising strategies to engage customers in escapism while they shop. Conceptualize your own retail environments while learning about the technologies that support your ideas.

HDE 114 Styling of Fashion, Food and Home Products for the Visual Industry
If you're considering a career in the visual presentation industry, you must develop a keen eye for detail and style. This course introduces styling techniques for fashion, print ads, retail, home decoration, and media opportunities. Assignments will include set and prop styling, styling for a fashion shoot, styling for food presentations, and styling for the home. Students will design, resource, style, and compose three-dimensional works that will include merchandise, props, and backgrounds. All work will be digitally photographed by the instructor for students to use in their portfolios. HD 114 Gallery

HDE 116 In-Store Merchandising Techniques
How do today's most popular stores compare to each other? What makes one store "hot" and one store "cool," while still appealing to the same consumer market? You will learn to create branded environments and display presentations based on top designers and retailers. Working individually and in teams, you will be introduced to styling and merchandising techniques that appeal to a targeted marketplace. Projects will include mannequin styling and creating window displays. HDE 116 Gallery