Utility Emergency

Power Failure

Notify Campus Security at (212) 217-7777 about power failure.

Stay in current location until Campus Security personnel provide further instructions.

Turn off all electrical equipment, if safe to do so.

Begin evacuation if building alarms are heard. Continue exiting even if building alarms stop. (If building alarms are inoperable, instructions to evacuate the building will be communicated to occupants by Campus Security and Maintenance personnel.) Follow directions from FIT and/or emergency officials who will be on the street issuing instructions.

Gas Leak

Notify Campus Security immediately at (212) 217-7777.

If strong smell of gas, cease all operations immediately and evacuate the area as soon as possible, notifying others as you leave.

Do not switch lights on or off.

Do not take time to open windows or close doors.

DO NOT re-enter the building until cleared to do so by Campus Security or FIT/emergency officials.

Flood Notify

Campus Security at (212) 217-7777 about any flood situations on campus immediately.

Do not touch electrically powered equipment.

Evacuate the area.

Follow instructions of FIT and/or emergency officials.

Loss of Heating or Cooling

Follow instructions and communications from FIT officials.

Relocate to other campus buildings, if appropriate.

If loss of heat, wear warm layers to keep warm if possible and appropriate.

If loss of cooling, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Loss of Drinking Water

In the event of a loss of water in or adjacent to laboratories, immediately extinguish fire sources and terminate use of chemicals and paints in all classes.

Follow response procedures as directed by FIT and/or emergency officials.

Telecommunications Failure

Follow communications received from Office of Communications and External Relations, IT Office, or other FIT office, as appropriate.