Goals of the Social Justice Center at FIT

BIPOC student on computer at FIT library

The Social Justice Center at FIT is committed to increasing the number of BIPOC people choosing careers in such industries as fashion, advertising, communications, and beauty through:

Precollege Support

  • Increasing awareness of institutions that educate for careers in the creative industries
  • Introducing students to careers and professional opportunities
  • Building community outreach
  • Enhancing recruitment efforts
  • Expanding precollege programs and career exploration opportunities


  • Providing financial support
  • Supporting BIPOC student interests with programs and services
  • Increasing faculty diversity
  • Expanding internships and mentor programs

Early Career

  • Guaranteeing paid internships and apprenticeships
  • Increasing career guidance
  • Establishing mentorship programs

Career Advancement

  • Offering graduate-level education
  • Advocating for equal pay
  • Building management skills
  • Offering executive professional development

Executive Level

  • Collaborating with professional associations
  • Developing executive training programs
  • Establishing team building and management roles
  • Offering executive department and peer mentoring
  • Supporting other BIPOC professionals as an alum