FIT Heirloom Recipes

Professors Jean Amato, Amy Lemmon, Michael Hyde, and Melissa Tombro, English and Speech; Professor Charlotte Brown, Educational Skills

  • This project involved community-based artist Tattfoo Tan as a visiting artist and collaborator.
  • Project collaborators created an optional curriculum packet for faculty in conjunction with Tattfoo's visits to 15 classes in Liberal Arts and Art & Design where he helped over 300 students turn to their own heritage to consider the significance of recipes within their cultures, families, and lives.
  • Following the class visits, over 70 FIT students, faculty, and staff participated in FIT's Heirloom Recipes blog as part of this ongoing project.
  • Using words and/or images, in addition to their recipes, contributors narrated personal stories on the role a particular recipe had played in their lives.
  • Project collaborators also organized a public event co-sponsored by the Diversity Council, WFIT, and the Culinary Arts Club that included an awards ceremony for student contests, recipe samples from the blog, cooking demonstrations, and guest chefs.
  • Different aspects and excerpts of the project were covered by WFIT, W27 and Hue Magazine and a free WFIT student-designed cookbook with recipes from the blog was distributed.