Important Facts

Successful completion of at least one required course towards the minor is required before officially declaring the minor. Please meet with an advisor to complete and sign an approval form.

Completion of a minor takes a total of five (5) courses or fifteen (15) credits (with select minors), all of which must be taken before you graduate.  General education courses taken to meet major requirements may also be used toward your minor as long as they are on the minors list of approved courses.

The minor is officially declared in the BS/BFA degree, unless you plan on completing the extra course work toward the minor within your AAS degree program.

  • If you are only seeking an associate's degree, minor courses cannot be taken after graduation to complete a minor.
  • If you plan on earning a bachelor's degree, minor courses completed in your AAS degree can be used towards completing a minor within BS/BFA program. 

A maximum of six (6) transfer credits or two (2) courses can be applied towards a minor.

A maximum of two (2) courses can be used to meet requirements in two different minors.

Soon after you complete the necessary paperwork, your minor declaration will appear on your BS/BFA DARS. The DARS will list all completed courses and the number of courses remaining in order to complete the minor requirement.

After you have completed a minor and graduated, your minor will appear at the top of your transcript.

Financial aid (including TAP) can only be used for minor courses that are part of your major or if the courses are extra when you are taking at least twelve (12) other credits that are part of your major.

If you decide to drop a minor, you can complete a Request to Drop a Minor form by coming to the Academic Advisement Center.