How-To's and Procedures

This section is dedicated to the tutorials, how-to's and procedures for the equipment set up in the MakerMinds space (formerly ARL - Art Resources Lab) and dedicated equipment that can be checked out from the Access Services Desk in the Gladys Marcus Library. 

Tutorials and How-To's:


Borrowing Equipment

There is a variety of equipment available for checkout from the Access Services Desk in the Gladys Marcus Library. You will have to fill out an Equipment request form before check out (at the ACS desk).

Cleaning Up

  • Never leave the lights on and unattended. The lights can get quite hot, be careful when handling the equipment.
  • When you are done shooting, please unplug and wrap the power cables of the lights you borrowed from Access Services Desk before you transport them back for return.
  • When you are done using technology, ensure that it is powered off.
  • When done in the space, ensure all lights are off.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask a Student Lab Monitor for assistance.
  • Best of luck with your work!
ELMO presenter Light Table Image of light wiring neatly folded away