Cultural Spheres

Submitted by:
C. J. Yeh, Professor, Communication Design

Suzanne Anoushian, Assistant Professor, Communication Design
Christie Shin, Assistant Professor, Communication Design
Curtis Willocks, Adjunct Instructor, Photography

Cultural Spheres is a diversity initiative that reflects global culture in the context of human stories. The project is envisioned as a multi-year pilot consisting of an exhibition, visits by an international scholar, and a website/digital publication.

The exhibition held at FIT in Spring 2015 will unite two ongoing projects: Invisible Cities and Culture Capsules: NYC. The exhibition will bring together the best artwork by students from South Korea's Gachon University, Taiwan's Kun Shan University, and FIT.

International visiting scholar Chang Sook Kim, one of South Korea's most renowned designers and an expert in cultural branding, will share his expertise through lectures, panel discussions, and consultations.

The website will serve not only as an archive of the exhibition, but as a continuous platform and forum for showcasing talent, scholarly research and the exchange of ideas related to the topic of cultural spheres. A digital publication will be produced by Christie Shin, who will oversee the design and production of the electronic booklet, viewable on computers and mobile devices.