Waiting for Your Appointment

""We understand that you may be anxious to meet with a tutor as soon as possible, but sometimes a tutor isn't available right away or there may not be a tutor for your particular subject area yet. 

Here are some ways to help yourself while you are waiting.

Get Help from Your Instructor

Let your instructor know that you are having trouble with the course. If you feel too shy to speak up during class, speak with the instructor after class.  Find out when they have office hours and make an appointment to see them.

Get Help from Your Classmates

Ask a classmate if he or she can help you with a question you may have.
Form a study group with a few students from your class.  Study groups are a great way to review and learn.

Walk-In Tutoring

Check the list of walk-in sessions available.  Both part-time and full-time students in credit and developmental courses can attend walk-ins at various times throughout the day and evening without having to register ahead of time.  


Visit our Self-Help Resources page to find websites that can bridge the gap before you meet with your tutor.