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Guides & Templates

3D Printing (.pdf)
Button Pins template
Digital Printing File Prep (.pdf)
Laser Cutting (.pdf)
Vacuum Forming (.pdf)
Vinyl Cutting (.pdf)

Guides are pdfs and require Adobe Acrobat or Reader

Placing An Order

PrintFX Online Ordering

Funding Your FIT eAccount For Payment

Adding Funds To Your MyFIT eAccount

Applying For a Lab Monitor Job

Refer to IT's Student Employment Opportunities page and contact PrintFX staff for more information

Button Pins

Custom Button Pin File Setup

Vinyl Cutting

Adobe Illustrator - Image Trace

Vinyl Sticker Application Tape

Vinyl Cutting Vector File Setup

Laser Cutting

Adobe Illustrator - Vector File Setup

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Forming - Making Molds & Shapes


Netfabb - Cleaning & Repairing a Model (demo). Download free Netfabb software here

Netfabb - Measuring & Resizing a Model (demo). Download free Netfabb software here

Free 3D Modeling Software

Formlabs Materials Library

3D Printing With FabLab Student 2015 Workshop (.pdf). This 2015 presentation was part of the Love Your Library lecture series. It was an overview of FabLab's procedures and workflows as well as common problems and challenges that may occur when 3d printing for the first time.   

3D Printing - Real World Applications

3D Printing With FabLab

File Prep and More!

PrintFX's Sample Book Orientation: Paper, Fabric & Specialty Media

Royalty Free Stock Photography Resource

Optimizing Google Image Search Tools

Adobe Lightroom - Importing Photos

Graphic File Formats - When to Use Each File Type

Softproofing With a Color Calibrated Monitor

Bleeds & Cropmarks

Adobe Acrobat - Combining Multiple Files Into One PDF

Adobe Acrobat - Print Booklets At Home

Adobe Photoshop - Resolution / Image Size

Adobe Photoshop - Image Adjustments - Basic Color Controls

Adobe Photoshop - Poster Roll File Setup for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop - Neural Filters

How Pricing Works for Printing on a Poster Roll

Double-Sided Printing

Adobe Indesign - Packaging Files / Exporting PDFs

Adobe Illustrator - Outline Fonts

Adobe Illustrator - Pattern Creation

Adobe Illustrator - How to Repeat an Object

Adobe Illustrator - Recolor Your Artwork

Social Media - Recommended Image Sizes

Procreate - How to Create a Custom Canvas Size